Vision Board Samples

Vision Board For Your Real Estate Business

Business vision board for real estate


Business Vision Board for Artist

vision board for artist











 vision board for Author speaker, coaching businessVision Board for Author, Speaker, Coaching Business


 My Favorite Vision Board For All Areas Of My Life .


Relationship Vision Board

What do you want in a partner, how do you want to spend your days? What does it feel like to be with him? What is he like? Loving, gentle, kind, willing to make things work, committed, cooperative, funny, good family man, open, willing, fit? Do you want to travel, like art, go on adventures?


Manifest Your Dream Home

Samples of kitchen, exterior, patio, bathroom, art, staircase, bedroom, view, living room, windows.

Feeling: open airy, warm, modern.



Health Goal BoardHealth and Fitness Vision Board

Which fitness activities would you like to commit to? Yoga, biking, walking, gym, dance class? How do you want to look? How much do you want to weigh, what dress size do you want to be, by when? What do you want to do to improve your well being? Organic foods, meditation, being in nature, take time to relax.


Intentional Community Vision BoardIntentional Living Community

What’s important to express the feeling of the community? Laughter, creativity, happiness, meals with friends, and arts and crafts facilities. Also, healthy foods, gardens, and a barn to signify the entire community.



What Do I Want My Career To Look Like

I work with a team of cooperative women, I have my own show. I am an inspiration for women. I work with a team of brilliant people, I am a speaker. I am successful in every way; I use my creativity and good energy to transform my environment. I share my success and financial rewards with others. My life is enchanted by the spirit of art, I love my life

I am Happy Vision Board

when I look at this vision board it reminds me to be playful and happy. It works, it makes me laugh and not take myself so serious anymore.




Business Vision BoardBusiness Vision Board

On the bottom right I found an image with real estate top producers. I pasted my head onto all of their bodies.



Real Estate Vision BoardReal Estate Vision Board

I glued a lot of sold signs onto the board and our logo is on there. I added the homes in my area, that I wanted to sell, the relationship with my broker, the relation ship with my clients and smooth transactions. On the bottom right I found an image with real estate top producers and pasted my head onto their bodies

Travel Vision BoardTravel Vision Board

I travel to India and Egypt, I am flying first class. I have time to read. Life is good





I hope this will give you a good idea about my style and how I make them

Here is a gift for you “The Secret Behind Creativity”

May we all be happy and playful



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