The Importance Of Intention And Vision Boards

Intention is a big part of making vision boards work and the beauty of it is: we set the intentions and the universe will do the rest.

This does not mean we sit back and stare into blank space. Our part is to get quiet, get in touch with our center, listen to the guidance we get and do our little steps towards  achieving our goals and manifesting our intentions. This is “living a creative life”in action. It’s where we feel alive and adventurous, it’s living in the zone. If there is no excitement in life it’s time to evaluate and  a vision boards is a great tool to help do that. Make a vision board and set intentions for your life.

Sometimes there are a lot of challenges in life and nothing flows, but we can do little practices, like going for a walk in nature, watching an inspiring movie, practicing meditation, dancing, hanging out with inspiring people. Anything that will get us out of the stuck energy into new energy.

I felt very challenged last week and decided to pack my bag and go to the hot springs for 3 days. I did yoga, meditated, ate healthy foods and floated in hot water. I felt like a new person after 3 days. I was inspired, full of intentions and trusting that all will be well.

We need to take care of ourselves and be gentle and if nothing is working it is good to step back, reflect and take a break. When I left the hot springs, I had a call from my broker that the deal I worked on for 5 months and fell through, came back to life and would be closing the next day. What a miracle that was!

So set the intentions of what you want in your life! How you want your relation ship to be like? How do you want to work, in which field and how much income do you want to generate? Where do you want to live? Where do you want to travel to, what hobbies do you want, how do you want to feel? What kind of a difference do you want to make in the world? Maybe you just want to set the intention to have a good day.

Find the images that represent the intentions, place them on poster board, look at them and feel them as often as you can. This is the energy that will attract the same into your life. Try it and have fun with it, don’t analyze it just trust and live in the “creative zone”

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