A True Believer in the Power of Vision Boards

I am so happy to introduce Mary Liu as our Guest this week. Please read more about Mary and her mission at the end of the post. I hope you  enjoy our stories of empowerment and get a dose of inspiration to make your own vision board. Here Mary’s story

I am a true believer in Vision Boards and manifesting what you want!  However, I didn’t always think this way.  Prior to May 2009, I had never taken any personal development courses nor even ventured into the realm of manifestation, vision boards, energy work, believing in the Universe, or any of the “woo woo” things that some people think are way out there!

But, fast forward to January 2010, after having attended over  8+ courses in a little over a year, I created my first mini vision board during one of these courses.  The event was called “Life Directions” with about 500 attendees.  We had about 15 minutes to put down on an 8-1/2” x 11” piece of paper, the life we dreamed of.  We were handed 3 color markers and given instructions to draw and write out what we wanted in our lives.  Not being the most creative person, I struggled to draw what I had envisioned but none the less, I was up for the challenge.

My vision board had words and pictures of my family, my 5-bedroom oceanfront home in Maui, the book I published that became a #1 New York Times best seller, and I appeared on Oprah promoting my book.   In the corner of my board was the passive income I earned in my network marketing company.  Lastly, I was also traveling the world as the spokesperson for Smile Train, the non-profit organization that provides cleft surgeries to children that cannot afford it.

I was so proud of the vision board I framed it once I got home and put it above my desk.  Friends would come over and ask me about my board and I would share my vision with them.   To this day, nothing on this vision board has come true …yet!

At the beginning of January 2011, I decided to have a get together at my home and invited a bunch of friends over to create their vision boards for the upcoming year.  I also invited a colleague who was a vision board specialist.  First, we watched the movie “The Secret” to get us in the right frame of mind and then my friend gave us the history of vision boards and the importance of how a vision board should be laid out.  It was more than just pasting or drawing what you wanted on a piece of paper.  It required strategic planning and design.

Some the important things I learned that was missing from my first mini vision board were dates next to my drawings.  The second was the placement of where the health, wealth, family, charity, spiritual sections appeared on the board.  And, the MOST important thing missing was my name!  No wonder none of my visions manifested on that first vision board!

But, the second vision board I created was beautiful!  I had stacks and stacks of magazines for my friends to use for their boards.  There were about 16 of us and we spent hours creating our boards.  When we were done, we took pictures of our boards and shared our vision with each other.  We were so delighted with our creativity and our beautiful masterpieces.

After that day, I looked at my vision board and said my declarations out loud while looking at each section of my board.  In the beginning, I was doing this almost every day, but as I got busy, I spent less time looking at it.

It wasn’t until October when I was reflecting back on my life and business since the beginning of the year when it suddenly dawned on me that some of the things I had put on my second vision board had actually manifested.  My training company that was on my vision board was launched and already making a profit.  I hadn’t even thought about a training company when I created my vision board.  The business partnerships I wanted with two of the leading experts in their fields came true!  My being a business coach also came true!  Of course, there are still some things that haven’t manifested yet like losing 20 pounds and being in the best shape of my life, but there’s still time before the end of the year.  :o )

Coincidence?  I don’t think so.  I believe if you are clear about what you want and put it down in writing and in pictures on a vision board, you can and will manifest it to come true.  But, you must believe in the Universe (or your higher power) and see your vision “as if” it’s already here!

I’ve decided to make my vision board gathering an annual event.  What better way to start out the new year with friends, family, and a new vision board!

“Focus on your Dreams.  Take a Leap of Faith & Trust Yourself” ~ Mary

Mary Liu, Founder of EmpoweredWomenSpeakers.com provides a comprehensive resource site for event management, online marketing, and getting booked!  It’s a place where women speakers can share ideas, mentor others, promote their workshops, and join a community of other empowering women speakers.  Mary has been a serial entrepreneur for over 28 years.  She built two successful six-figure businesses and recently launched a third.  Mary has also appeared on international television talk shows as an expert in her field.  Audiences throughout the US & Canada love Mary for her ability to take “tech speak” and translate it into easy actions steps for the everyday business owner.  Mary’s best known for her signature step-by-step training programs that are delivered with a heart centered approach to generate results.  Mary is also an Internet Marketing Business Coach, a Certified Trainer with one of the fastest growing business and personal success companies in North America and is a Certified Character Code™ Coach.  She regularly speaks to audiences of all sizes, is an author and shares her stories of hope, courage and victory as an entrepreneur. Her passions include traveling and spending time with her family and she resides in San Francisco, CA.  http://www.EmpowerwedWomenSpeakers.com

I hope you enjoy these stories of hope, courage and transformation, as much as I do. If you would like to share your story: click the the guest blogger tab on the home page, enter your info and I will let you know what I need.



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  1. maritas says:

    Thanks Ally

  2. Ally says:

    Thank you. I needed that. So inspiring. May the higher power bliss you.

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