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Date: Sunday, Apr 20, 2014

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Do you feel stuck in your life and you don’t know what to do next?

So many women in their later years experience this painful state, I know what it feels like, I’ve been there. But transitions like this are great opportunities to grow and the perfect time to make a vision board. Learn how to set intentions for your life, to be playful, to add adventure and magic to your life and to be happy.

As a life coach I love to use powerful tools like Vision Boards. You will find lots of simple tips on how and why to make and use them. The process is not only fun and wildly creative but also a very empowering tool and life changing. The interview will answer a lot of questions you might have in regards to Vision boards, or check out all the FREE VIDEOS  I created to learn some basics and get inspired to make one your self. If you rather read click here to get my e book: Transform your life with Vision Boards, if you have more questions let me know, I will answer!

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some fascinating free informations!

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Simple Exploration Of Happiness

“Sometimes you’ll find that happiness finds you when you least expect it”

What exactly is happiness?
What is it for you?

  • Self Expression
  • Inner Peace
  • Confidence
  • Creativity
  • Fulfillment
  • Freedom
  • Making a difference
  • Abundance

happyI like the following definition: The secret of happiness depends on a strong inner self that no exterior circumstances or hardship can ruin. A happiness that everybody can achieve and that’s not dependent on wealth or achievements.

Martin Seligman, one of the leading researchers of positive psychology and author of “Authentic Happiness“, describes happiness as having three parts: pleasure, engagement, and meaning. Pleasure is the “feel good” part of happiness. Engagement refers to living a “good life” of work, family, friends, and hobbies. Meaning refers to using our strengths to contribute to a larger purpose. Seligman says that all three are important, but that of the three, engagement and meaning make the most difference to living a happy life. Read the full article.

So what does that mean? How I see it is that pleasure is the least important, because it might be self serving and happiness appears when you give or do things that are meaningful and can be shared. Ok, it does not mean that you have to be Mother Theresa, taking care of yourself  and self nourishment are very important, but if this is all you do it might not make you happy.

I used to be pretty self absorbed and life was about me and my family. Somehow there was something missing. After some traumatic events and soul searching I noticed that inspiring people makes me happy. When I get comments on my blog from women who found something meaningful in my post, or someone sends me a message on Twitter or facebook sharing that whatever I posted helped them in some way, I light up and I am happy. The other thing I noticed is that the more authentic I am and the more I express myself the better I feel.

What makes you happy, please share and leave a comment.


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Bring Creativity Into Your Life

Just a dreamWhat’ s Life About? To be happy, to be loved, to be compassionate, to express our creativity and to inspire others. These might be the most important things to find happiness and content, at least for me and lots of people I know.

Yes for sure there is money, but money by itself does not bring happiness, considering lots of wealthy and/ or famous people with enough money, who are deeply depressed, broken and addicted to alcohol and drugs.

Creativity is a wonderful way to enrich life, to be present and playful. A way to express the self that needs to be expressed.  Creativity can be simple, you do not have to be “a great artist.”

I love to make vision boards and collages. You might ask what’s the difference? Collage making is creating art with found images. Vision boards are collages with intentions. They are efficient tools to help us visualize, focus and achieve our deepest dreams and goals.

Some crazy reason that people are not creative is: It has to be perfect, they do not know how to paint, draw, or whatever it is they want to do. Rather than not be perfect they just don’t play. This is not healthy so let go of perfectionism.

Making collages is easy and total fun, no expertise  needed just some glue some poster board and images from magazines, books, calenders, or printed out pictures you find online. If you don’t like it you can toss it and make another one, it’s just about the fun of creating them.

So start now, have fun with expressing your creativity and let me know how it’s going.


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Many thanks to Alexandra Telluselle from Sweden, who is my guest blogger this week; I love the part where she mentions that sometimes we like to use pictures on vision boards that look good, but do not align with our inner longing. Very good point indeed, when you create your vision be true to yourself. Enjoy the post! 

guest Vision boardI first started creating visionboards in the early 2000′s after watching Cheryl Richardson’s Lifemakeover series on Oprah. To me, vision boards can be used for two purposes; one is to attract what we want in life by pasting images that represent our desire and work as tool for our positive focus and affirmation of these. However after using them for a long time, it is easy to either become impatient or choose words and pictures that ”looks good” but might not be completely aligned with our heart’s longing, letting only our Egos state what it wants. Continue reading

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Create The Life You Want

“Look and you will find it – What is unsought will go undetected” Sophocles

miraclesDo you think it’s possible to achieve your life dreams, or that you can have and be anything you desire? Do you think it’s possible to create your life, or do you think it’s blasphemy?

Well whatever it is you are not alone, most people are limited by their own thinking or what others have told them is possible. Only few of us are fortunate enough to be thinking outside of the box.

Have you noticed that successful people are totally confident and belief in themselves. Confidence is the key to success and if you do not have confidence it’s impossible for you to shine. But it does not mean that it’s not possible, it can be re- learned. It’s time for women to empower their lives now. Continue reading

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Empower Yourself – Establish A Meditation Practice

Establish a meditation practice, it will change your life

peace monkJust to mention this: I had a hard time myself to get my practice going; I found it extremely difficult to sit down and just watch my breathing. But I was desperate, so I just kept sitting down until my mind stopped chattering and there was peace for 10 minutes. It has changed my life, gave me more peace, kindness and awareness. Meditation is one of the best things you can do to help get into the creative zone. It will reduce stress, improve your overall health and well being and improve communication.

Yes and it’s free, all you need is a quiet place, to close your eyes, focus on your breathing and that’s it.

What does it do?

Meditation is taking you to a space of non-doing. Just allowing and nonresistance will give you a chance to feel your own energy field, to stop the stream of thoughts and to just do nothing. The moment of not thinking will give you time to recover from constant “thinking strain” and resistance. Meditation is also a great tool to get you unstuck.

When you don’t have resistance, you can attract the good things into your life, because there is nothing to repel them. (Thinking can be a very strong energy and as long as we are involved in it, we might not be able to let in intuition.)

Magical, yes it is and simple, but sometimes we don’t want to do the simple and obvious things because we get too intellectual about it and our mind takes us out.


Have you heard yourself say?

  • It’s too easy, this cannot work,
  • How can sitting somewhere with my eyes closed make my life better
  • This is stupid
  • I don’t have time.
  • I cannot do it
  • It’s too hard

Now the good news is: you do not have to listen to this voice and you do not have to sit and meditate for hours, or even ½ an hour. If you start with 3 minutes a day, this will be a good start. Probably it will feel so good, to take some time out that you will want to make it longer. But this is up to you.

So try it out have fun, get a guided meditation CD if you like and start changing your life! I would suggest to do a meditation before you make a vision board, or any other creative activity, it will help you to get into your right brain, the creative part of your brain. Don’t waste any more time: empower your life, create your life and  start now. Below a 3 minute meditation for busy people.

3 minute guided meditation with Deepak Chopra

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Keep a Journal to remind you of your dreams

journalKeeping a journal is a very simple way to focus on  dreams, ideas and goals you want to manifest in your life. It’s also a great method to let go of things that don’t serve you anymore for example, it’s one of the most important tools in “The Artist Way program,”called the morning pages.

You write 3 pages in long hand writing and you do it like a meditation, without thinking about it. The purpose is to let go of emotions and thoughts that are cluttering your mind and to make room for new thoughts and ideas. Writing the morning pages is to get us to the other side, the other side of fear, of our negativity and our moods. It also helps to get you unstuck.

Journaling  gets us beyond our judgemental mind, where we find a quiet center, discover our creativity and get in touch with our intuitions and possibilities. It’s a wonderful easy meditation in journaling and takes only about 10 -15 minutes

Our logical part of the brain is our survival brain, it’s purpose is to keep us safe. Anything new or beyond our comfort zone, like playing a new game, taking a new class, being creative, is a red flag for the logical brain, that’s why it reacts with fear!

So if we like to play, do new things and challenge ourselves, we need to get over this discomfort and do it anyway. Write in your journal to keep yourself accountable and to create the life you want, it’s one of the most important practices you can do, so make it a daily habit.

Make it fun and decorate it! Find some great images in magazines, paste them onto the cover and finish with inspiring, meaningful affirmations, make it fun, make it happy!

Instructions about:” how to make a vision board” watch the videos below.

Vision Board Samples

Vision Board Meditation

How To Make a Vision Board-Find The Images

How To Make a Vision Board-Layout Of The Images

How to Make a Vision Board- Glue The Images To The Board

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How To Make A Vision Board Even More Effective With Feng Shui

Vision boards are very effective tools to help you focus and to achieve your life dreams. You can make them even more effective by adding a pinch of Feng Shui to it. I am not a Feng Shui expert,  but my friend taught me this very simple strategy. All you need to do is divide the poster board into five different sections. Continue reading

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How to Let Go: The 4 People You Must Forgive Article By Brian Tracy

I just and read this article by Brian Tracy, he is one of my favorite teachers on productivity, confidence and success coaching. Forgiveness and letting go is a big part of achieving our life goals and dreams. We need to let go off the old stuff and make room for the new. I hope you get something out of it!

let goThere are four people you need to forgive if you are serious about changing your life and learning how to live in the now.

The first are your parents, living or dead. You must absolutely forgive them for every mistake they ever made in bringing you up. At the very least, you should be grateful to them for giving you life. They got you here. If you are happy to be alive, you can forgive them for everything else. Never complain about them again. Continue reading

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Making A Vision Board With Friends Is A lot Of Fun

women connectingWe all need more fun in life, would you agree?  I found one way to do just that: I get together with friends or neighbors and we make vision boards together.

It’s a great way to get to know another human being, to be creative, to be open to changes in life and to share life with it’s challenges. Life is a lot better when we connect with people, so get out and make an effort to have fun with someone new. Continue reading

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How To Bring The Spirit Of Play Into Your Life

think positiveHave you noticed that when you have fun at work or play, life is lot more enjoyable?

Wouldn’t it be great to bring fun to all the chores we have to do, the work we have to do, the jobs we have to go to and be a lot happier as a result?

The problem is that most of us from the industrial generation did not learn to have fun at work or in life, we learned that everything needs to be worked at and making money, or working was a chore not fun. Life was supposed to be hard and that reflected in everything I did. Continue reading

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